Reflect on what you have learned in this class. Describe the significant ways in which you would be able to utilize critical thinking in your personal and professional life.

    Discuss at least two (2) key concepts that you felt were most impactful to you this term and the manner in which you might use these concepts in the future.


This class was an opportunity to look deep into my own thought process. I have made many decisions in my life. Some of them turned to be right and others didn’t. But astonishingly I have never given it a thought that how mind processes information to make these decisions. I am sure that after completing this course, I would be able to make informed decisions and stop using simplistic decisions. Critical thinking involves challenging your own self. I get a feeling of being a skeptical sometimes now when I am analyzing my thinking patterns. So overall it’s a great addition to my life and I believe that I will be able to take good out of it for both my personal and professional life.

One of the key concept I really like the concept of critical thinking in problem solving and decision making. Decision making is a complex process and critical thinking challenging different alternatives is important to make a proper decision.

The second concept that I believe is very meaningful in real life is the proper conceptualization of information.