Directive Process: Wedding Process Analysis

Wedding is one of the most valuable and important event in the lives of the people who decided to spend their lives with each other. As the wedding event are the most joyous event so it requires proper planning and arrangement to make this momentous period for the rest of their life. there are number of elements and aspects that needs to be considered while planning a wedding event like number of people and their class to make arrangements accordingly, the available budget, selection of venue, setting of date etc.

Before making a proper plan, you need to consider what kind of wedding arrangements are needed either it is traditional, contemporary or some unique kind event. You need to make sure you have better understanding kind of event as in traditional weddings almost no change is required whether in contemporary weddings the taste of the couple getting married and modern cultures needs to be considered.

Similarly in unique wedding plans a separate and special kind of arrangements are required which you need to form a huge budget and with the presentation bride’s and groom’s personality. You need to arrange for the venue according to the class of the people who are getting part of this marriage and the budget available for making such arrangements.

For this instance, many of the wedding professionals are available in the market that planned the marriage according to the budget and requirement of the bride and groom. You need to analyze the number of guests, rehearsal dinner required by the couple and location of the event.

You might invite some famous personalities, actors, musicians or dancers to make this event more joyful and memorable for the marriage couple. You need to pay attention to the reception of the guests and sitting arrangements as those are really matters with respect to the marriage couple’s guests. To make this event perfect, you must obtain the services of the professionals of this field.