Do you think it is important to have a rough draft of your paper? Why or why not? Do you normally do a rough draft? Why or why not?
I do think it is important to have a rough draft for the paper. Rough drafts help edit a lot of the unnecessary parts of the paper, and also can fix grammatical errors. Many times there are things written that do not need to be included, so it is good to filter some of that stuff out. Also, the more times you revise a paper the better because you will continue to catch more and more mistakes that were made, or things that could be added to improve the quality. I normally do go through a rough draft, but I do not make a completely different final copy. I revise the rough draft on Microsoft Word and then turn the revision in as a final copy. This helps me organize my thoughts and really decide if everything that was added is needed to the paper and that it contributes to the main point.