Why do individual businesses champion green causes and work-family accommodations while the Chamber of Commerce fights government action on these issues?  Is the Affordable Care Act “bad” for business? 

Note that the Business Alliance for Local Liveable Economies is much more supportive of environmental regulation than the Chamber.

Individual businesses champion green causes and work- family accommodations mainly because everyone is more aware of their environment.  With this understand, it would bring a better revenue because not only will the company benefit but it shows the consumer that they the corporation cares.  The Chambers of Commerce job is to fight for a business and to look at for the bottom line.  The chambers of commerce is suppose to be like the eyes and ears on a different level.  They record the needs of corporations or businesses and take them back to political parties where legislative issues and addressed that affect their business.

I feel like we need lobbying because every business need someone with the ability to influence a decision of government officials.  Lobbying is done from many different perspectives. Lobbying also ensure that everyone interests and sddefended.

Before Obamacare, healthcare premiums were too expensive for many families to afford. And even if you could afford it, insurance companies would deny coverage to anyone who had a preexisting medical condition, making it near impossible to get coverage if you weren’t 100% healthy. Obamacare, officially known as the “Affordable Care Act,” changed all of that. Now, by law, healthcare has become much more affordable and universally available. You don’t need a high income or perfect health to get insured. I don’t think its bad for companies; if anything its benefit the company.  With everyone being able to afford health care the more work can be done.  When people feel well they can perform better.  My personal opinon is that every citizen should have health insurance.  How are we the “free” country and willing to help everybody aroumd us, but let our own go without health care