Case Study: “Managing Talent.”

  1. How well suited do you think Netflix’s principles are to managing the knowledge workers (mainly software engineers) who work for Netflix? Explain.

It is possible that the Netflix’s principle well suit for managing the knowledge workers. If they are focusing on hiring the best people, developing and keeping them, then there will be no chance of any problem (Rothwell,2010). Because knowledge workers would succeed in an environment where they are treated like adults. Along with this, they focus on right salary and flexible schedules which are most important thing to sustain the best people in any organization.

  1. What qualities of Netflix support the idea that it is a high-performance work system? What other qualities would contribute to it being a high-performance work system?

There are numerous qualities of Netflix that support the idea of high-performance work system. First, Netflix relies on the knowledge workers. Secondly, the organization is doing its best to empower the knowledge workers to make the decisions. I think these are the main qualities that help Netflix to maintain a high-performance work system. One suggestion to improve the high-performance work system is to develop the use of teams. The organizations grow faster if they have productive teams where all members cooperate each other to get the work done on time.