The objective of the lab was to figure work done by consistent, straight, and changing powers. The method was by utilizing the movement sensor we needed to gauge the separation the truck will travel and with the power sensor, we needed to discover the power that moves the truck. We began by resetting the power sensor and ensuring that it is ZERO. For the key outcomes,


1) Wtheo= – 0.490J. 2) Mean force= – 0.810N. 3) stdDev force= 0.030N.


4) Wtotal= – 0.491J 5) dtotal= 0.605m 6) N= 0.093


We broke down that there is a systematical mistake, yet we can’t discover it or see it in light of the fact that the blunder is in (Wtheo) and (Wtotal) which was utilized to discover (N). Along these lines, the blunder was subtracted and it does exist yet we can’t discover it.