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Presentation Notes

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Hi Guys, this is ABC. The topic for my presentation is Regulating Artificial Intelligence. I would be talking about the present and future of artificial intelligence and why and how do we need to regulate it.

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So where is artificial intelligence? It is all around but we may not be noticing it. Virtual reality has become a reality and you can buy the virtual reality gadgets from many places. They can be used to play video games. Virtual reality is also used in medical, investigation and many other fields.

Google translator is another example of AI. You simply need to put text in one language and Google translator can translate to many other languages for you.

Artificial intelligence is used in the field of finance to make predictions about stock exchange rate and other financial activities and make quick decisions.

Computer Chess Player can even defeat the strongest Human Chess Player!!


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So what’s the future of AI machines?

AI machines may would learn to feel and express emotions

They may also learn to think like humans

The question that is yet to be answered is “Can there be an artificially intelligent super human ever?””   “Are Computers going to take over the world?”

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Prof Stephen Hawking One of Britain’s pre-eminent scientists, has said that efforts to create thinking machines pose a threat to our very existence.

His concerns might be legitimate in my opinion when I see at the rapid advancement in the Artificial Intelligence Technology.

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Now let’s just think about a metaphoric scenario for a moment.

“For example, we might propose a utility function designed to minimize human suffering . . . . Given the way humans are, however, we’ll always find a way to suffer even in paradise; so the optimal decision for the AI system is to terminate the human race as soon as possible — no humans, no suffering.”

Now think about What Stephen Hawkins thinks. Does it ring any bills??? It does scare me.


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So what do needs to be done???

  • Legislation is yet to be made to define what would be done if an AI machine commits a “Crime”
  • Would it be considered a Crime?
  • Regulation of Artificial Intelligence Systems is needed
  • The limits of the AI autonomy need to be defined.
  • It might be difficult to control machines that are programmed to act with autonomy
  • Malfunction of AI machines need to be assessed and must not get these machines out of human control

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  • A more market-oriented approach might require the manufacturers and operators of AI systems to purchase insurance from approved carriers for their AI systems, thus letting the free market more directly determine the risk of harm that AI systems generate.
  • Those who, like Stephen Hawkins, believe that AI could pose an existential risk may favor more stringent government oversight of AI development. Others may favor less governmental intervention in the progress of AI.

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Here is the link to the article that I utilized for my presentation.

I would like to thank Google Advance Royalty free Images.