The goal of this lab was to explore different aspects of newton’s laws F=ma. In the beginning we found the M(Cart) which was 1.023kg and add the result to the M(hanging) that we have to find the M(total). Then we started to record our acceleration with the motion sensor. After finding the acceleration for all of the experiments, we found the Gravity to make sure that our records are good. We found the average which was 9.69 m/s^2 and the standard deviation which was 1.62 m/s^2. At the of method one we found the N1 which was 0.07 before moving to the second Method. In the beginning of method 2 we found the relationship between F(N) and Mtotal(kg). Also, we found the linest by looking at the figure at the bottom. Finally, we found the N2 and we got 0.96. overall, the experiment had some systematic problems add to that our wrong measurements at the beginning.


G2= 11.27 m/s^2 Fo= -0.19 N
6g2= 1.51 m/s^2 6Fo= 0.19 N