You use the referral opening, and the prospect says, “You know, I’ve never trusted Jim Tollers (the person you used in your referral).”

In the situation where I go for interview with the reference of Jim Tollers but the prospect did negative comment about the Jim and said he did never trusted the Jim. It is a critical situation and in this case I would probably make some statement in favor of Jim. That he is the great man and I spent a lot of great time with him in college.


You are playing golf with your customer and catch the customer cheating. You’re not sure if you should call his attention to it.

In playing the golf if I would catch the cheating of one customer but I am not sure that either I would call her attention or not. I decided that if I had friendly relation with customer than I would take this situation in joke otherwise in formal relations I would not call his attention and leave the situation.


You’re giving a presentation. You lean over to get something out of your briefcase and your coat rips. The prospect starts laughing.

In presentation I would probably laugh with the prospect and take the situation in light joke.