Personality Typing


The purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to reflect on your individual influences to your perception and apply the concepts you have learned to recent communication events.


  • Submit this assignment via Canvas.
  • Write in traditional essay format (introduction, body, conclusion)
  • Your answers to each question should be a minimum of one paragraph. Develop thoughtful answers to the questions.
  • In order to get full points you need to use concepts from the textbook and class discussion (cite your sources), and use correct grammar, spelling, structure, etc.
  • When writing reflection papers, there is no right or wrong answer. This assignment is intended for you to learn about yourself based on the concepts we have read/discussed in class. Additionally, you should write in first person.


Answer each question below in at least full-paragraph format.

  1. Based on your MBTI results, reflect on what you learned in class and do more research on the characteristics of your personality type (This is a good site: to an external site.)Links to an external site.):
    1. What is your type? Do you agree or disagree with the information you received? Why or why not? What do you agree with? What are some of the characteristics you most connect with? How do these characteristics affect your interpersonal relationships.
  2. Think about two recent interpersonal communication encounters:
    1. Describe the encounters. Reflecting on this event with your personality type in mind, describe how your type influenced the outcome of that event. What were your strengths? What were your challenges? 
    2. How did your perception of yourself change in light of this encounter?
  3. The end result should be no less than three paragraphs of text plus intro and conclusion paragraphs.

Submit your paper through Canvas.


People have different ways of not only handling issues but also thinking. The way people think and handle matters can be used to categorize people in four groups which are intuition vs. sensing, extroversion vs. introversion, feeling vs. thinking and finally perceiving vs. judging. The personality typing categories have different characteristics that make them unique.

After getting my MBTI results, I found out that I belong in the Introversion vs. Extraversion type of personality, and under this category, I fall in the introvert bracket. I conquer with the result because of the following reasons; I am comfortable staying alone or in small groups of people, I am more reserved, quiet, and finally I learn things through observation, these traits qualify me to be an introvert (Cherry, 2018). Other characteristics of introverts include; being attracted to independent jobs such as writing, having a tiny circle of friends, having excellent knowledge of myself, and finally, getting easily destructed when in a hectic environment (Truity, n.d.).

I remember one day when I was at one of my relative’s wedding. Everyone was excited and in a celebratory mood. I could not stand being around many people hence I ended up finding a spot that had very few people, and I felt quite relieved. I was to give a small speech about the couple, and delivering that speech was the hardest thing I have ever encountered. The other instance was when I had my friend come to visit me; we talked about many positive things that I am sure I will not be able to share in a group of many people.

The two incidences where I was at a wedding and the one where my friend visited me made me realize my personality weaknesses and my strengths. My strengths include; being a good listener, and a thinker helped me bond well with my friend (Psych2Go, 2017). My weaknesses include; having trouble with public speaking, and also interacting with large groups of people (Verderosa, 2017).

Being in the Introversion vs. Extraversion personality type has two sides the weaknesses and the strengths. I get to know myself better as an introvert, but I get challenges when it comes to interacting with many people. The critical part is that I can work on my weaknesses and enhance my strengths hence I will end up interacting well with everybody.




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