Would a speech become less effective if the speaker neglected to use any of the functions of the introduction? Which functions do you think are most important? Explain.

First let’s state the functions of the speech introduction. These functions are: audience attention, introduction of the topic, explaining the relevance of the speech to the audience, thesis of purpose and outlining the main points (Steve Price, 2005). I think that neglecting any of these functions would make the speech less persuasive as the audience may not be able to get synchronized with the speech from the beginning. Introduction is where you want the audience to start to follow. If you are not successful in doing so, you might not get a second chance to get the audience to follow your speech later.

All of these functions seem important but the relevance of the speech to the audience and thesis of purpose seem more important than the others. The main idea is to make the audience believe that the content of the speech is important to them. Only then would they start following you. A proper thesis statement is the foundation of the speech. Thesis is where you state the goal in a line or two. It must be well written and organized.