Main work process

Select one (1) project from the working or educational environment of your choice and specify the main work process (e.g., suppliers and customers involved, work flow, etc.) of the project that you have selected. Next, suggest at least two (2) actions that a manager can take in order to improve the work process of the project in question. Provide a rationale for your response. 

I would like to suggest a project related to the provision of health information to the general public. The project that I suggest here is making an online platform that would contain health related data and guides to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Online visitors can visit the website and get their desired health help. The suppliers of this online platform would be healthcare professionals who would be present to provide necessary help to the online visitors and upload healthcare related literature. Online visitors, i.e. general public would be the customers of the platform.

The manager of this online platform can hire expert health professionals to provide valid and reliable help to the online visitors.

He/she would also need to hire professional technical people who can manage the online platform.

Answer 2

The company I choose is Microsoft Inc.  Microsoft Inc is a multinational tech company that deals in the production of computer hardwares and software. The company has a successful effect and influence on the global markets. For many years, Microsoft Inc has been able to remain competitive in the global markets. However, recently, Microsoft Inc has faced significant competition from Linux in the Chinese markets and other global markets. The competition from Linux increased the overall global competition for Microsoft Inc(Lymberopoulos, et al., 2015).  Local tech startups in the emerging markets including India also create significant competition for Microsoft Inc.  Its products have become imitable.  This is one of the major weaknesses of the company that had led to the weakening of the company’s brand in the global markets.  The products of Microsoft can be easily imitated.   The business model of Microsoft was heavily dependent on their software products. The competition in the business segment weakened their grip on the market for the products.