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How the companies does involved benefit from the innovation discussed in the case? Is about more efficient transaction processing?

The companies benefitted from the innovation discussed in the case because it saves time when they tickets are handled in paper compared to the innovated process. Also the costs are minimized because the printing is no more required. Impulse buyers usually do shopping and purchases when they have easily processing systems in place. The mobile systems are cheaper compared to the printing ones. They are comparatively very faster and add to the efficiency of the whole system.

Shopping online can be social again as it was in person. Says the chief executive officer of Alvenda. Do you think this is a stretch or are we in the midst of a turning point in online shopping?

I think that online shopping can become social if social media is involved. I mean when you have people discussing a production and commenting on many of its specifications, this is a process of socialization in a way. Then, we have product and service reviews in the online shopping which is a way people can engage with each other to talk about a product and let each other know about what kind of purchasing decision would be beneficial for them.

General Comments

To compete in the online business world today, businesses have to think outside the box by finding a solution to problems that no one thought of before. Companies that are innovative capture the market better than others.  Technology has changed the way people shop and do things. Most people now prefer to shop online than driving in traffic to get to a store. With the widespread and use of social media, companies now target their advertisement through social media because a lot of people share what they likes on social media and a lot of company make use of it to target the right customers. I personally enjoy shopping online from the comfort of my home. All businesses caters for the needs of their customers in order to win them over. The computer company dell estimated that at least $2 million was from online advisement and promotions from their twister account. They share their latest innovation and linked their subscribers to their online store. I believe on line shopping is the future because it reduces the business cost and the customer will get quality products but with lower cost than in store.