1. We discussed a number of different types of qualitative research in this chapter. What type of research was conducted by Midas?

From a number of different types of qualitative research, the technique used by Midas was the Photo sorts which is also known as the Picture Aspirations Technique (PAT). As in this technique, the consumers express their feelings about brands by manipulating a specifically developed photo deck depicting different types of services or particular meanings. In the case scenario of the Midas, the researcher asked his respondents to look at scores of photos that represented many of the things that would happen in an auto service experience (McDaniel & Gates, 2013).

After that, they went through some other phases of this research technique about expressing their thoughts and experience.

  1. Could these data have been gathered using other forms of qualitative research? If so, which ones?

As the franchises across the United States and Canada considered the data collected through this form of research as very authentic and well managed but there are some other qualitative research approaches which could be used in this scenario. The research could have conducted a survey research or personal in-depth interviews form the customers who come to any auto service franchise of the Midas. The researcher could have recorded their responses in the personal interview after asking related questions and hence, it could have been much easier to manage and to process that data (Jansen, 2010).

In addition, the survey method could also include using random sampling strategy to record to opinions of the consumers in different franchises of the company.

  1. How did this form of research facilitate getting “buy-in” from the franchisees?

This form of research facilitated the Midas to get buy-in from the franchises in different ways. The franchises of the company responded as, “We found that it was among the best, most effective research projects we’ve ever done.” After this study, the franchises were regulated by the Midas to use the customer service strategy titled as “Greet, Explain and Thank”. This strategy went an additional mile for the company and helped it to get buy-ins from the franchises across Canada and United States.

  1. Should quantitative research play a role in the future for Midas? If so, how?

The qualitative research which was conducted should play a vital role in the future of the Midas. As the company invested heavily in this research venture, it also introduced the customer service policy known as “Greet, Explain and Thank”. This involves to greet customers in a welcoming tone when they come and to explain them with the problem and solution. This thing would definitely play a role in the future of Midas as the customer service is getting better and as a result, its sales would also improve based on this thing.

Focusing on this, company can also carry out future researches for their own perceived benefits.



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