Deutche Post DHL

What are some of the challenges Deutsche Post DHL may face as it seeks to implement the new tools worldwide? How do these challenges change the job of the local marketing managers? 

There are different types of challenges that can be encountered while implementing new tools worldwide. The first challenge is cultural. Some cultures are not open to changes and adaptation and DHL might need time to implement technological changes in such cultures. There could also be some legal issues when you want to implement changes of the nature discussed in the case study. For example the new management systems might have security risks that could have legal implications. Another challenge is of the available skills in the workforce to use the new improved systems.

The local managers would also have many challenges to face. The first challenge is that the job complexity might be increased which would hinder the performance of the managers on the local levels. Another challenge is that learning to use new technology is in itself a challenge.

DHL may face limited financial resources for this reason resulting in preferences made beneath a price range constraint. Also, every market is special in what should be accomplished to beef up the brand worldwide. Therefore, it entails the collection of statistics for every united states of america personally which consumes extra time and resources. DHL will additionally take numerous years to enhance and put in force the new tool to reach sustainable advantages worldwide. Therefore, the nearby advertising managers job has to change as there is need to incorporate tutorial experts, habits market lookup and add consultants to help address the challenges that DHL is dealing with to enforce the new tool. Hence, local marketing managers have to work collectively with the experts and exchange their regular every day movements to suit in with the new mission of their company.