How do specialists decide what art is great?

Work or art has been sold for millions of dollars a piece on several occasions in different auctions and private sales. The question thought that is asked is how experts decided what work of art is great. In other words, is there any criterial that can be used to decide the value of a work or art? The following three step technique is utilized by experts to decide the greatness of an artist’s work.

  1. Get the facts: Experts use all the available information about the work of art to know its credibility and know if it is worth their analysis. The credentials of the artist and the medium are important in this step.
  2. Analyze: experts observe closely the different parts of the art work. They try to find connection between these parts and also analyze why thy have been produced over a certain medium.
  3. Evaluate: Theories of art criticism are utilized to make an evaluation about the quality and greatness of the art work.



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