North Korean Nuclear Crisis


North Korea has been in the world news increasingly over the past few months. The country, which has been under Jung Oon family dictatorship for the last 100 years, has gained recent attention in the form of outrage and fear over their unwillingness to cease all nuclear weapons development testing. Despite global council stating that North Korea is behaving unacceptably, the country seems to have no intention of slowing their nuclear weapons testing. This means to many observers that North Korea, under the control of an unpredictable and clearly uncontrollable leader, will have the ability to start a nuclear war at their discretion.

Research Problem:

American President, Donald Trump has said that the easiest way to deal with this situation is to interfere with North Korea’s economic stability. The most logical solution then is for China, who is responsible for the staggering majority of North Korean trade, to halt or severely limit their trade with the country. However, the Chinese government has alerted President Trump that it may not be as simple as “halting trade with North Korea”.

Research Question:

How does the relationship between China and the North Korean government impede their ability to intercede on behalf of global interests.

Hypothesis Statement:

The long lasting trade relationship with North Korea, in conjunction with the proximity of the country, as it borders China, incentivizes China to foster a sense of stability in the region.