Green Birthdays

Birthdays are among the most important celebrations. Many people including family and friend are invited to be part of birthdays. This is surely a day which is a reminder of the counter of time we spend on the earth. But we may not be aware enough of the fact about how lucky we are to be on this earth. And would the next generations have the earth in the same or better shape or would be confronting the devastating effects of global warming and climate change? Therefore, I suggest that birthdays must be celebrated in the most possible environmental friendly manner.

Parents should be aware that they need to teach their children about living green. Birthday is an occasion that they can emphasize the important of a sustainable live by making the birthday in an eco-friendly manner. This is how they would be able to teach their children and their friends the importance of living green. This is one of the best lessons they would get from their birthday in fact.

The question here is how do we make a birthday green? There are different ways birthdays can be celebrated in a greener way. Or should we say, we should have green birthdays? Birthdays should be undoubtedly greener. Different idea of celebrating green birthdays are:

  1. Organic Food: Chose for eco-friendly and organic food for a birthday party. One of the major problem the world is facing is the use of pesticides of different kinds to produce food which are harming different ecosystems.
  2. Entertainment and Games: During the birthday party, you must be planning some sorts of games and entertainment. Why not take these games and entertainment outdoors involving nature like trees, greenery and water (Blog, 2016).
  3. Decoration: birthday party decorations are an important part of the occasion. It is suggested that decorations made of recycled material is used. If it is not made of recycled material, at least decoration items that are recyclable should be used. This would be a great contribution to the green cause.
  4. Birthday Gifts: When sending out an invitation to family and friends, request them to bring in green gifts. Request them not to bring in gifts that are made of plastic. Encourage them to bring in gifts made of natural cotton and recyclable material.

Apart from these ideas, there could be a lot more. The point is we must emphasize the importance of living green in any way possible.



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