The majority of groups have ways of showing who is included in the group, and ways of punishing outsiders. What are three ways groups identify group members? Use specific examples from class to support your answers. What are three examples of a group punishing outsiders? Use examples from class to support your answers.

The one reason we identify with group is for belongingness need. It makes us a part of the “we” vs “they” phenomenon. The other reason is that we want an identity for ourselves by becoming the same as a group. The reason to become a part of group also facilitates us to justify otherwise unjustifiable behavior because the group that we belong to considers it right.

For example in a class, we may identify ourselves to a group so as we are not left alone. This provides us an identity of becoming a part of a pack. It also help us in justifying behavior like calling another group with stereotypical names as inside the group it might be justified.

A group punishment could happen in schools. For example a teacher may not allow the whole group to go on lunch due to the class making noises. Or if a certain member of a group does something wrong and the whole group has to pay the consequences.