3-1) How has moral relativism led to criminal activities by some employees in companies?

Moral Relativism is the major cause of employees is engaged in the criminal activities and they do not consider attempting the criminal activities wrong. According to the Moral Relativism, they justify themselves what they are doing such as theft of cash in the bank job, wrong accounting entries, stealing the office property, they think this is not wrong and they justify themselves that it is not wrong. They do not consider the bad things as bad rather they justify in doing the criminal activities in the job and they associated them with any logic. It has been seen that when employees are treated badly, they adopt the criminal activities in the employment and they justify their criminal acts against how they were treated by the employer. In the moral relativism, a person doing the wrong act does not believe it as anything wrong with this.

3-2) How does a company ensure that its code of ethics is integrated into the daily decision-making process of the company and is not just a symbolic trophy or plaque hanging on the wall?

An organization can ensure the implementation of the code of ethics in the decision making process as they can make the environmental analysis and scanning of the business projects. They can determine that whether the business decisions consider the environment friendly policies and such policies which affects the environment must be prevented. A Careful analysis of the business projects and method of the production used in the business can help in determining whether code of ethics are applying in the decision making process or it is just a formality. Therefore, the impact of the decision making process on the environment and a social impact can help in determining the decision making process. Code of ethics ensures that business operations should not harm the environment.



4-1) How does STEEP analysis aid in the development of the strategy of a company?

The Steep Analysis helps a lot in the developing the strategy of a company as it analyze the macro-economic factors of the business which can be exploited for the success of the business in addition, these macro-economic factors must be influenced. It analyzes the external environment and its factors, which can have the impact over the business. It analyzes the external trends that help in designing the marketing strategy for the business. These trends are helpful. The analysis is helpful as these growing and declining trends gives the direction where should the firm move. Furthermore, there are exploring more opportunities in the external environment, which can be used by the business for the benefits of the company. The purpose of the Steep Analysis, take initiatives to exploit the opportunities.

4-2) The effects of climate change on companies can be grouped into six categories of risks. Use any two of these explain the impact upon the resort hotel industry?

The Climate change shall affect the resort hotel industry as climate is changing and those resorts, which were known for spending the winters, or summers during the holidays, due to the climate change, they shall not be occupied by the people and they would not visit the resort hotels. Secondly, due to the climate change it is possibility of the water scarcity, biodiversity, flooding and beach erosion in the resorts, which can also prevent the visitors from visiting the beaches and resort hotels. Therefore, Climate changing is seriously damaging the resort hotel industry, they have been having the serious threats of losing the business due the weather uncertainty, and it can create the weather related problems for the visitors. Therefore, they would not visit the resorts.