Presentation about Graduation Police Training Institute in Qatar

How they do the graduation ceremony for their graduates.

Focus on 3 points:

1- Qualification to graduate

2- The ceremony details (where when, how it is conducted)

3- What graduates do after graduation (apply the things they learned in training.



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Graduation Police Training Institute in Qatar


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Ministry of Interior responsible for

            police training

The department of police works under the interior ministry and it is responsible for its training.

Training play an essential role in developing

            the police performance

Police training is an essential part of the police officers. This enhances their performance.

Scientific tools utilized in police training

The police training is carried out in the light of scientific tools to enable Qatar police stand among the best police forces in the world.

Police training course curriculum evolve

            with time

The police training course do not remain the same forever. They are updated according to the need of time.

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Different courses as part of the training

Officers Courses

Some courses are only for officers. They are specialized courses they teach them about both administrative work and on field duties.

Police Personnel Courses

Police personnel course are aimed at training the police personnel to focus on their duties among the public. A special focus is given on dealing with general public.

Female Staff Courses

There are many female police officers in Qatar police. Specialized training are provided to them to be efficient stay on the top.

Computer Courses

All police staff is required to learn basic computer skills so that they can use computer and internet for communication purposes.

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Different courses as part of the training Cont.

English Language Courses

English language is an important part of police training. Especially in the context of the upcoming football world cup, special emphasis is given to English.

Researches and Studies

The police college Qatar has a special emphasis on research to enhance the capabilities of the police force and make it modernized and enable it fulfill any challenges.

Civil Servants Courses

Civil servant courses are provided to officers which are emphasized at office work and dealing with public matters concerning overall law and order situation in the country.

Typical Security Department


These course are primarily concerned at dealing with violent incidents like criminal activities and terrorism.


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Training and Graduation ceremony

Police College Qatar,

            Established 2013

Police College Qatar was established in 2013 to improve the police training in the country and bring it to the world level.

4 Years Training and Course Work

The training consist of 4 years of tough physical, academic and psychological training.

Graduation ceremony held at

            Police Academy Doha

The graduation ceremony is held at Police Academy Doha, Qatar. The ceremony is conducted by the ministry of interior.

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  • Police trained to communicate with both Qataris and foreigners
  • Police promote cooperation between public and police
  • Police ensures compliance with law by the public
  • You must report immediately to the police if you observe something illegal happening

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Please avoid the following when dealing with Qatar Police:

  • Do not lose temper and get aggressive
  • Do not use bad language
  • Do not use a lot of hand gestures (culturally not looked at nice)