Look around! For sure you will see McDonald’s not far from your home, office, and etc. Comment on its respective layouts. What layout features stand out? Which layout features seem to be in place for efficiency vs. aesthetics? Is there anything that is not appealing? Does something about the layout in particular cause you to choose that restaurant over others?

I have a McDonalds just a few blocks away from where I live. To me, the most important and appealing aspect of the layout is the presence of multiple counters and allowing customers to form a que in front of each counter. The second thing is the presence of Ketchup dispensers at two different places at the McDonalds.  You don’t need to be at the counter again and again to ask for extra ketchup. Talking about the specific McDonalds that I visit with my friends, I prefer it over others because they have a good amount of space and different customers can set at a distance from each other and talk privately.

Answer 2

Layout is the plan for course of action of office to give working, administration and gathering, and capacity and authoritative regions. Customary techniques are utilized to plan the layout. These strategies incorporate formats, scale arranges, string graphs, and travel diagramming as they have been demonstrated as minimal effort techniques for accomplishing either ideal or close ideal layout arranges. Mind must be taken by association when outlining layout since poor layouts may lead the association to decrease the general limit and general efficiency.


In McDonald’s Eatery additionally, layout outlining is an essential operation. Because of the way of the kitchen space, a great layout configuration ought to be completed. Operations chief must have great information about what hardware where to keep. In this way, a legitimate layout of the hardware in the kitchen is extremely basic to guarantee planning of value sustenance in less time. It ought to plan its layout remembering the wellbeing and security issues with negligible supervision. Expenses of creations likewise depend on the layout.