Case Study: Redefining Good Cleaning Products      


The green cleaning products are very effective for the environment. They are especially prepared to preserve the eco-system. There are few people who care about the effects of the cleaning products over the environment. After all there are approximately 60 percent people who are worried about the cleaning products and their effects. This is the matter of the faith that one has regarding cleanliness. The future of the green cleaning products is bright as they will be the part of the market in the times to come.

  1. What temporary situations or changes in life circumstances might influence a consumer to recognize a need for a cleaning product in general or a greener cleaner in particular? How might a marketer leverage this knowledge?

A number of techniques are used by the promoter of a product. One of them is when the product is sold to them for no money at all. Then the option of advertisement and marketing is also open to them. One of the other ways of achieving the target is to sell them the product on a reasonable amount of money. It is basically the matter of showing the predicted customers the products time and again, and people are used to the products they like to buy it by hook or by crook provided it is for any value to them. The people also want to observe various benefits of the product. For instance they might like to buy a product that is environmentally safe and sound to use or they want to buy a product that is cost efficient.

  • Greening impacts

Although the lower price packages are affected, the customers are always in search of the product that will protect their environment.

  • Required change

The changes might include selling the products at lower price to the people. It might not always be suitable to sell the products free of any cost to the customers. The people might also be asked to give back the product if it does not fulfill their demands, this will motivate them in purchasing the products of the organization.

  1. What types of purchase decisions were made by Jack, Jill and Elena:

Behavior of Jack, Jill, and Elena

There are certain factors that restrict buying any products; some of them are the cognitive behavior, time constraints, or daily routine. The companies do to rest on the in-depth knowledge of consumer decision making model. The decision making process adopted by Jack and Jill is the habitual one. They are irrational in most of the times. One of them Jill has some loyalty with the products as due to his family. The other one is buying the products, because his mother is accustomed of buying it. Furthermore he is also interested in buying the products which are lesser in price. These reasons explore that the decisions made by them are irrational or having no reason at all. Elena, on the other side, is product conscious. She is indeed habitual decision maker, but interested in having all the ins and outs of the products.

  1. How do perceptual attributes and packaging characteristics of the brands in this case study signal product quality in terms of the underlying environmental and health benefits?

The consumers and packaging

The packages of the products attract the customers. The companies use various color to promote their brand or attract predicted customers to make a purchase. All the companies in the world use a color or icon to have a deeper impact over the minds of the people. Social media like Facebook use blue color, YouTube has red color and the like. Same is the case with the Green cleaning company that possesses a color, which differentiates it from the other organization. The management also uses Dfe and other labels. These are the labels and the color that distinct the cleaning company from the others.

  1. How are consumers who shop at Whole Foods (a natural food store) and those who shop at Walmart likely to differ in terms of their consideration sets, determinant criteria, and use of a compensatory or noncompensatory rule when factoring environmentally-preferred attributes? How does product categorization explain Method’s decision to initially deemphasize green features when the product was launched?

People, most of the times, ponder over the product of the organization, and think if the company is producing qualitative product or if they are producing products that will affect the environment. There are some who think differently and are utterly optimistic about the use of the products, while other might be pessimistic. The thoughts of people cannot be alike. They are different to one another, but this is true that these thoughts can be changed.

Walmart Vs Wholefoods

There are certain differences between both of these stores. Wal-Mart is brand-conscious store that attract the people towards it by curtailing the prices. While on the other side, there is Wholefoods, the store that is ordinary and the place which is near to nature. People having brand awareness like to visit the Wal-Mart; they know they are going to get every sort of product they want to buy, and they will be able to find out every sort of product.  It is one of the largest retail chains, which has expert team that can provide the whole of the information about the market and the behavior of the customers. People having love for nature are more tended towards Wholefoods, the store that has all sorts of eatables. These sorts of customers are more loyal to nature and are fond of eating fresh foods. Various customers have various needs. It would be suitable to have those products that are popular and are ready to be sold easily.