The article “US-China trade tensions loom over Trump-Xi summit’ explains what is entailed in the current business state of these two multinational economies. All that is expected from these meeting are elaborate trading negotiations on the different issues at hand; many trade deficits and significant job losses (MAULDIN, 2017).

The meeting between the two leaders is expected to solve some of the major issues that are affecting the trade relations between the nations. The Americans feel like China is dumping most of their products into the US at a rather low price. The Beijing trade policies also ought to be reviewed as their firms are producing products at the expense of the American competitors. Although some people feel like the outcome of the meeting is going to be a stalemate, there is some hope for some positive results.


  1. There ought to be a long-term solution to trading conflicts and encouragement of healthy competition.
  2. Change of Chinese policies for American companies; more market-based experience for the Americans is expected.
  3. There is hope for the reduction of trade and investment barriers between the two nations.


  1. Withdrawals of some exportation of goods into the US so as to meet the average level of the demand of the economies.
  2. Some countries like China go against the laid commitments, hence causing a lot of divisions between the countries.



The Trump administration is rather different regarding his policies, as compared to Obama’s ideas. The making of the best trading decisions demands sobriety in the judgments that are made. Giving opponents too much freedom in your field can ruin your ways of expanding your business. Either way, a lot of limitations can leave you weak, in that you can never find whatever you do not produce. Trump’s complex business negotiation is likely to bring more success to the American economy.