Job design is an important part of human resources management and operations management. How would you go about doing a job design for a new position in your company? What resources would you use? Why?

To get most out of the employees in a specific job, it is pertinent to communicate to the employee what the exact job description is. Job design is a complex art in my opinion. The person or team which is designing a job must first look at how this job is contributing to the organizational goal and mission. Then they need to identify what are the set of skills that are required for the person who can perform this job. Then is a need to identify the resources i.e. technical resources that would be utilized during this job. Setting up an appropriate salary for the job is also important.

Answer 2

Without any doubt, I do come to feel that there should be a number of things and issues considered in doing a job design for a new position at the firm.  The first of these has to do with knowing what the overall job description is and due to that, what are some of the most needed or important job duties. Once we have a good and clear understanding of the different types of the job duties that the job should have, the next element of the job design has to do with understanding which prospective employees to hire who have the right and important skills as well as qualifications which would be needed for them to succeed on that job.  But at this stage, it would also be important to take full advantage of the human resource people since they are considered to be one of the most important elements in job design.  They need to look at what the compensation structure for that job should be, but also what are the needs or the wants that the job design is trying to fulfill or address.  As such, the important point to consider here is this very notion of doing a job design that is based on the right job description, one that is able to find the right candidate and also has the right compensation associated to it.