Creative Brief on advertisement plan

  • Basic problem or issue the advertising must address

The media used are limited and there is need to develop connection with the customers market. Since the business serves a diverse demographic customer market, it is required that business is able to target the customers based on their interest and priorities in food. There is an opportunity for the business to identify the potential customers market base do their interest in food and target these markets subsections according to the product that are most demanded amongst the customers.

  • Advertising and communications objectives
    • Introduce the business to the potential customer market and the market in general
    • Identify the best approaches to reach out to the customers in general targeted market and the focused group
    • Increase brand awareness and spread brand name
    • Introduce brand as the health conscious customer friendly restaurant
    • Introduce healthy and fresh products that are suitable to the customer’s needs.
    • Target the customers who are health conscious but also like to dine out
    • Target the customers with a verity of interest in food items
  • Target Audience

Main Group: traditional, continental and fast food

Focused group: health conscious customers

  • Major selling idea or key benefits to communicate
  • Advertising

The advertisement will have the attractive pictures of the food items and the highlighted   ingredient that will be to target the health conscious customers. The brand quality       standards and its loyalty with the customers claimed will develop personal level of       relations with the customers.

  • Direct Marketing

Direct marketing will have the tools like mobile marketing and billboards to directly             communicate with the customers. The radio and TV channels are also an attractive option for the business promotion. The billboards will be used to promote the seasonal events      while the social media mobile marketing will be done to keep customers connected with    the business and updated.


  • Interactive/Internet Marketing

The internet marketing will include the websites and the social media websites created      under the business name to promote the events, new products and offer surprises and            attractive deals to the customers.

  • Support Media

The support media will include the websites like food panda and places that offers            guidance’s and reviews on the restaurants and help to find a nearby dine in place.

  • Sales Promotion

The sales promotion will be done through social media and the royalty cards given to the customers with frequent visits.

  • Public Relations/Publicity/Corporate Marketing

Public relations will be maintained through the business owners and the business    managers will promote the products and take in reviews and feedback of their customers personally in order to connect it the customers.

  • Creative Strategy statement

The business will use social media and local news channels to market the business and its products to focus group and other wise. To achieve its objectives there is need to advertise the business and its products in food related news channels and published media.

The campaign theme will be based on healthy, fresh and delicious did that is providing along with traditional restaurant environment. The tagline for such marketing will be “Enjoy your Healthy Meal”.

The outline appeal will be healthy and fresh ingredients used in the products and the healthy standards of the health conscious customers targeted. The same strategy will be copied on the other product categories.