Grammar Quiz Solved

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  • Students who attend Northern Virginia Community College.


  • The small, silvery shapes darted in the water.


  • Darwin’s ship, The Beagle, traveled to the Galapagos.


  • This is an independent clause; this is another independent clause.


  • Not all faculty are capable to teaching English.


  • We can combine sentences using coordination and we can also combine sentences using subordination.


  • When using a comma it is important to remember several things.


  • Students should finish by the end of class.


  • Professors, in the field of composition and rhetoric, are rhetoricians.


  • She scrutinized the class with intensity.
  • .


  • The student was perpetually late to class he was about half an hour late every day.


  • I decided to buy a previously owned vehicle.
  • I decided to buy a used car.


  • The sharp silver talons glinted in the sunlight.
  • The sharp, silver talons glinted in the sunlight.


  • Composition instructors prefer active sentences.
  • Active sentences are preferred.


  • My item in a series contains, dog leash, dog toy, dog food, dog treat and dog.


  • Statistics is a difficult subject.
  • Statistics are a difficult subject.


  • Students should bring the following: pen, paper, and textbook.


  • The cookies on the tray need decorating.
  • When combining independent clauses, use a semicolon.


  • Inside the coffee cup, was a frothy beverage.
  • Inside the coffee cup was a frothy beverage.