Advertising creativity is viewed as the ability to generate unique and appropriate ideas that can be used as solutions to communication problems. This definition suggests that a creative ad is one that is novel but also relevant or appropriate. Find and upload, embed or link to an example of an advertisement (print ad, web ad, TV commercial, etc) that is novel but not necessarily relevant to the product or service. Explain the type of appeal used and whether or not you think it is effect. Discuss why the client would have approved this ad. 

I have attached Pantene Shampoo Ad. In this Ad the director used some male sports stars along with their daughters. The Dads are doing hairs of their daughters with love talks and great emotions and some advises by Dads to their daughters. This Ad contains a story of emotional relationship between Dads and their children. In my view the Ad is focused on relationships not the product. The reason behind using dads and the daughters to convey a message to Moms that this shampoo may help them to make a perfect family. The add then ended with a slogan ” strong is beautiful” which is also looks irrelevant because we know the strong is beautiful but how this advertisement justifies this slogan for the product. The appealing factor in this advertisement is the emotions and expressions by dads for their daughter and this may help the female to purchase this shampoo. The client may have approved this advertisement because this product has a good reputation in the market and not need to be focused but let the product to be a part in making the relationships and families better. A different approach not following the traditional advertisement trends is the reason behind approval of this advertisement.