In reviewing the APA format, what do you think is the easiest part of it? Why? What do you think will be the most difficult part for you? Why? Do you think that APA format will become second nature to you when writing papers? Why or why not?

I think the easiest part of APA format is the style of the paper. I have been writing APA papers for a couple years and understand the style, the font, the margins, double spacing, title page, reference page, and all of that. I think this is the easiest part for me due to repetition and that I am always writing the APA papers. The most difficult part is sometimes making sure I get the reference list correct. Sometimes I use sources that do not have a date, or an author name, and it makes it very difficult to figure out which order I write everything. I think that the more I use APA format the more easy it will become, like everything else in life. I just want to make sure I continue to look back on my grades after my papers are complete and see what I am doing wrong so that I can continue to improve.