What are some ways that you can develop new information on your topic? Do you think you need to develop new information for your topic? Why or why not? If so, then how will you go about getting the new information?

There are a couple ways that I can think of which would help find new information on topics. One way is to look at different surveys or polls that are about your topic. This can help support information that you are explaining, and you are able to post the visual in the paper and explain the relevance. Surveys and polls show factual information because they are real peoples answers. Also, you could talk about other perspectives regarding your topic which can show advantages and disadvantages to the topic you are writing about. I do not think it is always necessary to develop new information for your topic unless you are qualified and have the means to do that. Many times, papers are just writing old findings in new words and from new perspectives. I will continue to look for charts, surveys, and polls that show information so I can expand on my topic and show factual supports.