For this assignment you will write a paper as follows:  choose a product or service and describe in detail the consumption process for that choice. The paper must be 2-4 pages in length. 



We all had heard and learned that consumer behavior is based on the consumption process of the product, commodity or service we are using. Basically consumer behavior is the process through which we consumers are going through every purchase we make while including various factors that may influence our decision and usage of the product or service. Not only the behavior but we go through the consumer decision-making process in order to buy something that starts with the need recognition which is the process we felt what status we are having and what status we need.

Well, here in this research paper, I will analyze my consumption process of a laptop i am having now. During my college education at university level, I was watching everyone having their own laptop fulfilling their need of study and online education as well but I had no laptop then. I felt into being the status of a student with a laptop which was my need recognition lead by my internal stimulus about the emergent need I had. But at the same time, I was also having the external stimulus of my need as I was affected by the outside environment like the other students having laptop and finishing their many tasks and assignments even in class during lectures, and even my time which has been elapsed due to spending most of my time in college and failed to complete some tasks on time. In this case I am having a third type of unfulfilled need as my desktop computer has failed to tie me up with the time table I need to follow to remain competitive and on time in my education level.

Then I was going through the process of information search regarding the buying of new laptop but my internal search was not capable for me to decide whether I should buy which specification laptop or which model I may prefer because I am not well aware of the technical and operating systems information at a perfect level. So I have been seeking the external information search in which I had refer to many of my class mates and even my cousins to better able to get a best option for me. In my external search I not only depend on my class mates and words of others but also checked on the recent advertisements for comparing the better options on the basis of the brand name, model with specification and operating systems, pricing and other features like headphones, accessories, covers, bag, keyboard and ease of usage.

After all the gathered information I was having trouble choosing between HP and Dell as they were the best two options available to me at that time but then I decided to evaluate their attributes based on the various factors for which I had chosen the two brands along with other factors as the size, accessibility, networking, speed, durability, warranty, performance, color and many other new technological additions like the touch screen, folding and other features as well. But based on everything I had evaluated I selected HP as I need a smart laptop and I also not need any separate numeric pad for such financial activities so the simple and attractive new technological feature was I think worked for me.

Now I had been at the fourth stage as I had just made my purchase decision to buy HP laptop of a certain model with i7 technology which was also affordable to me even for a longer period of time from the technology or features from being obsolete so in the near future. I had decided to purchase the HP laptop to respond to and fulfill my need and information has given me the features and capabilities in the HP laptop that were important to me as well and most importantly it is having a high battery time as compared to Dell unlike many other competitive upper hand features. Although there comes the purchase stage because sometimes the purchase and purchase decision stages have elapsed time between them as I had made the decision but purchased my laptop in the next month due to funds management by my father.

Lastly comes the post purchase evaluation of laptop I had purchased where I was having a positive feedback about my purchase as many of problems related to my education has been solved along with I had many other new options available for entertainment purpose like music, movies, games etc. I was and I am completely satisfied with the performance of my HP laptop as it has also advantage of high battery life with the option of even more battery life available and during my education if any student asks me about my laptop I also refer him to buy this product as compared to others to enjoy benefits.





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