According Sigmund Freud’s unconscious wish fulfillment theory, dreams represent the unconscious wishes of the one dreaming. Do you agree or disagree? Have you ever learned anything meaningful from your dreams? Research the topic and cite 2 sources outside of the textbook to support your point of view.

Unconscious wish fulfillment theory

According to Sigmund Freud’s unconscious wish fulfillment theory, the dreams are the manifestation of the person unconscious wishes and desires that they are unable to fulfill in their real life or think they would never come to have (Freud, 1961). The childhood desires that have grown stronger or the association of e person with certain lifestyle or the state of mind often triggers dreams. I agree that such wishes and the imagination towards a certain thing causes dreams. The impulse that causes dreams is liked or of great interest to the person who has these dreams. The impulse needs to be repressed or forgotten in order to change the dreams and the fantasy that the dreams create and incorporate in for the human satisfaction. In many theories and explanation of the dreams, it is also found that the dreams of the unfulfilled wishes is the way to give meaning to something that is lost or that can never be achieved. For instance, a person dreams to walk and run on his own legs after losing them in an accident at younger age.

I also agree that the dreams are not clear sometimes. The symbols and the disoriented images provide the meaning to the person who dreams of the certain settings, Happenings, worlds and places attached with the person’s personal wishes (Freud, 2005). According to Freud the conscious wishes were attached with the real world while the unconscious forms of the wishes were transformed into the conscious objects and symbols through dreams. Freud called this the censors that were triggers y the ego, that involves the person’s believe, own function and the perception.

Regarding personal dreams I have never been able to clearly remember any and often have seen past memories repeating that may be under the influence of desire to relive these moments with family and friends.