As a manager it is imperative to your teams success that you show drive and initiative. How would you incorporate your positive ways in a plan to motivate your employees? How would you assess the effectiveness of this plan?

The role of managers is an important one in an organization as they need to guide the employees towards the organizational goal that has been set by the leadership. In other words, the manager is a bridge between the goals of an organization and the process that leads to the goal. A manger needs to show a positive attitude so that the employees do not feel forced or bored of their assigned tasks.

As a manager, I would incorporate my positive attitude in business processes by motivating my employees through providing them a model in myself. I would personally understand the goals and properly communicate these goals to the employees. I would promote an organizational culture where each employee feels recognized and involved in the planning, decision making and conflict resolution processes. I would try to find innovative solution to problems and encourage my employees to feel confident in expressing their ideas that could help improve the effectiveness of goal achievement processes.

In my opinion, it would not be so hard to assess the effectiveness of the plan that I stated earlier. It should be visible in the organizational culture. The effectiveness of the goals achievement can be dealt as one of the measure of the plan.