Compare and contrast psychoactive and addictive drugs. Discuss some of the socially acceptable substances that people use on a regular basis that exhibit similar qualities in regard to psychological or physical addition. (For example, does your daily routine include a trip to Starbucks?)

Psychoactive and addictive drugs

Psychoactive drugs are the drugs that cause shift or changes in the human emotions, perceptions or behaviors. Withdrawal from such drugs may not cause cravings and may help the human body to regain its emotional and behavioral posture that is considered normal. Usually the drugs that cause irritation for a short time are considered psychoactive drugs.

The addiction drugs

These drugs include the addictive ingredients that are hard to avoid and the withdrawals causes cravings and irritation and in many cases serious irresistible urges. The person using these drugs is unable to stabilize their health and life without these drugs and need them consistently.

Psychological or physical addiction

The body and brain are not separate and in many cases the psychological or physical addiction are one and the same or caused by each other. When the body cannot function without a certain substance then the body has become physically dependent on the substance. For instance, the use of caffeine causes the body to function in a much faster rate with higher heart rate and brain activity. When the body is dependent on a substance to gain emotional or psychological ease then the body is dependent on the psychological addiction elements. For instance, people who think they need the sleeping pills to sleep peacefully without which they will not be able to sleep properly make the sleeping pills their psychological need. The treatment for the both types of addiction is interdependent and sometimes different (Johnson, 2003). The other substances can also be attached with emotions or the settings that trigger certain psychological discomforts or comforts. For instance, old people develop the feeling that if they stay near home they will stay safe and healthy and any change in the environment will cause changes in the health level develop the addiction of their homes setting and may not tolerate any changes.