Imagine a new “miracle pill” is on the market that will allow a person to function with only one hour of sleep each night. However, because a night’s sleep is so short, a person who takes the pill will never dream again. Knowing what you do about the functions of sleep and dreaming, what would be some advantages and drawbacks of such a pill from a personal standpoint? Would you take such a pill?

If the “miracle pill” is on the market and available to anyone that shortens the sleep time and diminishes the factor of dreaming then there will be certain circumstances. These circumstances will have the following advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of short sleep are that the person who took the “miracle pill” will be more productive, since the hour to rest will be short. The person productivity will mean more work done in less time. The people with no dreams and no imagination will be more realistic. They will be more attentive to the details around them and will indulge more. It will be disciplined since the options will be limited for everyone and what is presented to them will be accepted without any complaints. They will be served limited options and will not find any problems with it.

The drawbacks of the short sleep include the stress and problems regarding health. The person who sleeps for such show time will not be productive for a long time. They will get tired and weak because of the muscles stress and mental stress. The ability to create something new will not be presented since their emotions and behaviours will be directed by external environmental and not through their own personal judgmental and perception. The dreams are linked with human emotion and how the person perceives the world around him. If the person is not able to dream they are locked in a box where they cannot think of the future and of the past and have to constantly deal with the present. In such state the person will not be able to express personal desires and needs (Jung, 1990).

Regarding my personal opinion, no, I will not take such pill that will reduce my sleep into a standard time. Because sleep is essential to both body and mind. And regarding dreams, it will not be good to have limited set of life opportunities in front of you for the rest of your life and get through life like machines who cannot think beyond what is presented to them and cannot express their emotions. Also the dreams are essential part of human life because they open a window to express and release much of fear, stress, anger and frustration through imagination and perception that is built through dreams and supports emotions and behaviours.


Jung, C. (1990). The importance of dreams. Man & His Symbols, 18-38.