Why does a negotiation become more difficult as it progresses? How can buyers reduce or overcome these difficulties? Be specific.

Dealing with suppliers is not always easy to handle for buyers. There is always a possibility something going wrong and negotiating a solution with the supplier. Even if something does not go wrong, the negotiation process could still be tricky. A common collaborative technique should be used to resolve conflicts and negotiate with opposite parties (Burt, Petcavage & Pinkerton, 2010). This technique is useful as both parties try to understand each one’s position and may have to go a step beyond instead of going a step further in their demands.

Supply chain process is a time consuming process. The suppliers may not be able to promise a realistic timeframe to make the supplies. On the other hand, the buyers may want to get their required items as soon as possible. Such a condition could make the negotiation process more difficult and complex as time passes. In my opinion, the stress that the buyer have to go through when they have already been spending financial resources but they do not get their desired supplies on time could be a contributor to the complexity of the negotiation process.