Poetry Imagery

Carolyn Forche describes an affair on a train, Plath a room where her life changed. Now it’s your turn: Recall some place that you visit often, or a place where you occasionally spend time, but one that allows your imagination to soar. In a fifteen-minute free-writing session, describe both that place and one or two of the mental journeys you’ve taken from there. (Don’t limit yourself: This could be a special spot by a stream, a chair where you read good books, or even a movie theater or an art gallery.) When you’re through, go back and circle those words and phrases that do the best job of capturing the concrete, sensory detail of both the place and the experiences you wrote about.


There are distinctive universes


That no one but creative energy can make


Universes that is unique in relation to our own


Delightful, quiet and quiet


We can see it in dreams


What’s more, need to be there until the end of time


I have a fantasy world as well


One where just bliss dwells


My fantasy takes me there


Where I spend snippets of bliss


Where the air is new and cool


What’s more, delightful odors are surrounding me


Where the sky sparkles brilliant blue


Where the feathered creatures sings perfectly


Their melodies applaud the magnificence


What’s more, the works of master omnipotent


A spot where lakes are crustal clear


What’s more, towering tops in encompassing


There is no rush to get up


What’s more, be to office on time


No stresses over paying bills


No stresses over staple


I don’t need to stress over my wellbeing


Neither about my auto separating


The battles of life are abandoned


As I enter my fantasy world


This fantasy world is entrancing


Just on the off chance that it were valid