Short Response Questions to A Clean, Well-Lighted Place
1. Existentialist is a term used to identify a person who believes the following: (a) life is absurd, (b) God does not exist, and (c) it is up to the individual to give meaning to his or her life. Is the older waiter an existentialist? Explain your answer.

2. The author does not identify anyone in the story by name. Does he do so to emphasize the older waiter’s view that man is nothing? Explain your answer.

  1. Yes the old server is by all accounts an existentialist. His conduct on seeing the old man at the bistro and his musings about him are distinctive to the more youthful server who has different things at the forefront of his thoughts. The more youthful server needs to run home and be with his wife, implying that his life makes them intend to him. That is the reason he needs to appreciate time with his wife as opposed to sitting in a bistro and viewing the old man drink. The more seasoned server, on viewing the old man, understands that the old client is much the same as himself, forlorn and detesting life. He is in the same condition. He enjoys the bistro since it is all around lit and clean, which is unique in relation to his thought on life that is dull and aimless.

    So yes the old server is an existentialist.

    2. Names hold importance. They are our character and numerous names get to be typical after the individual with that name goes ahead to accomplish something that customary individuals can’t do. In the story, the creator does not utilize any name. In a roundabout way, it’s an indication that life does not have any significance or imagery. His portrayal of characters as old, youthful, lady, military man, and so forth, lets us know that they are simply individuals in a universe of nothing. Eventually, much the same as the old man, we as a whole are going to meet our destiny as well. This considered our definitive end, an end that is not blissful.

    When one holds these sorts of convictions, as the old server did, and after that it is of no significance to know who will be who and what they do? Since life will end in any case, why trouble with thinking about other individuals?