Impact of seasonal variations in the delivery business

United Parcel Service (UPS) provides package delivery services throughout the United States and the world. Discuss the impact of seasonal variations in the delivery business for forecasting the firm’s financing requirements.


Unite Parcel Service (UPS) US best known for its services, package delivery. It is more than million shipping clients each.  In addition, company enjoys brand recognition from million consumers located worldwide. For becomes largest only also company whole world. company is located Greater Metropolitan time back guaranteed making it of a kind company. of the company allowed ground ship their parcels. company serves well as business There are many different reason seasonal variation arises; generally, it is during festive days when gifts and wishes are being sent to the loved ones, that is near Christmas, Easter, new year etc.  Another variation can be during the snowfall season when people instead of going by themselves prefer to use a parcel delivery system. Considering these variations, the company should increase its manpower during the above stated seasons.  One of the most notable events was when a volcano in Iceland disrupted air travel for five days after it tons of volcanic ash into the air.  Even though this was not a seasonal event it had a serious impact or air travel and parcel deliveries.