Analyze a miscommunication you have experienced using the concepts from the text.  Use appropriate concepts/terms from the text.  (Grapevine, TMI, language and vocabulary differences, etc.)  Also, use concepts/terms learned in this module:  assessments, assertions, requests, and victim/creator.  What exactly will you do or say differently?  Be specific.

Discussion: I would like to quote an example of a miscommunication that to me during my summer internship when I was assigned a task from my manager. I believe the basis for the miscommunication was the language and vocabulary differences as my manager tried her best to convey clear instructions to me but I was not able to understand them properly. In the course we have studied a concept called “inability to create meaning” where the sender encodes an idea in a manner that the receiver interprets it differently than what was its real meaning. I do not blame the manager for not conveying the message correctly. Actually we were communicating in English and this is a fact that English is not my first language. I could not understand some of the word used in the communication process.

What exactly will you do or say differently?

Now after reading the content of this course, I have realized that there could have been a better communication possible if I both of us had used the process of effective communication. This process is a useful tool to overcome the barriers to effective communication. There are different aspects fo the effective communication process. In the miscommunication that heppened to me, I believe that the manager could have used direct and clear language to convey her message to me. She should have kept in her mind that there is a language and vocabularu issue involved. On my part, I should have taken time to listen. Due to the fact that there was a vocabulary issue, I shoul accept that I did not listen effectively. The manager could have been more assertive by repetion of some of the content of her message. I believe that I will make an accurate assessment next time about the outcome of a miscommunication and be more proactive and become a good listener.