Porn stars have been treated in ways that they were not expecting. They were given different details of what they were going to perform that what they were actually told to do on set. Sex workers are not given the same respect as any other worker is because due to traditional thinking and values that humans have developed over their history, sex is something that you keep private and do it with the people who you love. The stigmatization of sex workers is the product of such traditions and moral values in my opinion. I think that time has changed and every person have the right to do whatever they want unless it hurts someone else. Being a sex worker should be a choice and not something that you should be blamed for. I think that sex workers reserve the right to complain if they are mistreated because they have the same respect as someone else. The reality is that sex workers, especially the female sex has been considered as a toy with which men can play and then throw away. Sex workers seem to be left out of the #MeeToo movement in my opinion and they should jump in by themselves to ask for the right which they have been denied over years.

Stigma on them to be any lesser people than us is not a healthy way to look at it. I believe that people in the sex industry deserve respect without any ifs and buts. They have the right to say no when they feel to. They must have access to legal help when they are assaulted and mistreated.