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1.      What are the main challenges for TELCOs?

To stay focused, TELCOs should persistently refine everything from client administration to arrange estimating. The real difficulties confronted by both settled in and new organizations in this industry include: retaining clients, diminishing costs, calibrating valuing models, enhancing consumer loyalty, procuring new clients, and comprehension the part of online networking in loyalty of customers.

On the other hand, one of the key challenges that are confronted by the telecommunication providers is related to brand building. One of the keys to success in the development of novel services is developing a brand which is recognized for innovation. In order to remain appropriate, operators in the telecom industry cannot merely provide the similar things when contrasted with other player in the industry.  The company in this industry should differentiate themselves by capitalizing in the field of business analytics which is crucial to understand the needs of consumers before their rivals and then utilizing that information in order to build the delivery and application models which clients want to buy. They can do so by adding such features which other players in the industry could not match. For instance, they can enhance the performance as well as uptime in addition to the exclusive content.

Other than this, aligned with the roll-outs of new service as well as changes that are taking place, TELCOs should ensure cost control of the current solutions so that they can focus on investing in future projects. By developing the scalable services, it can help TELCOs to manage the future costs as they have to react quickly to the changes in market.


2.      How can data warehousing and data analytics help TELCOs in overcoming their challenges?

Exceedingly focused data analytics play a continuously basic part in helping transporters secure or enhance their remaining in an undeniably aggressive commercial center. Argentina’s Telefónica de Argentina utilized analytics for its “traceability project,” which followed the components included in client stir, a major issue among telephone administration transporters. France’s Bouygues Telecom utilized BI advances to encourage cost decrease through computerization by means of its Teradata-based advertising operations administration framework, which robotizes showcasing/interchanges insurance creation. Pakistan’s Mobilink utilizes BI to get clients and develop their endorser system, to a great extent helped by long range interpersonal communication.

The organization can without much of a stretch follow the steps included with every procedure to comprehend purposes of disappointment and increasing speed. Through information warehousing and information investigation, the organization can enhance the general fulfillment with on boarding new clients (Sharda, Delen & Turban, 2013). On the other hand, the process of cost reduction is used by organizations in order to increase their profits while decreasing costs. Depending on the products and services of the company, policies could differ. Each decision in the process of product development tends to affect the costs. Organizations normally launch a product without taking into consideration the cost factor. However, this factor becomes more significant when competition in the market increases as well as price becomes a key differentiation in the industry.

Through data analytics and data warehousing, the organization can comprehend the part of Social Media. The extending utilization of informal organizations is changing what number of association’s methodology everything from client administration to marketing and sales. More bearers are turning their consideration regarding informal communities to better comprehend and impact behavior of customer (Sharda, Delen & Turban, 2013)..

3.      Why do you think TELCOs are well suited to take full advantage of data analytics?

Big Data Analytics is not only a passing pattern; it is turning into an undeniably vital part of each portion of a Communication Service Provider (CSP’s) operations. The drive for productivity increases, combined with the need to customize clients’ encounters, is driving new establishments.

TELCOs control the information transfers infrastructure, and secure much utilization information therefore. They have the specialized aptitude to make, convey, and refine arrangements to address their business challenges. The business and versatile innovation have extended and enhanced throughout the years, which gives a solid establishment on which to fabricate keen arrangements. The information examination arrangements that have been made to meet these difficulties have likewise enhanced radically in the course of recent years, setting TELCOs in a decent position to benefit from their technological benefits.

Relating to the telecom sector, the value of data analytics lies in the ability of the software to show the market leaders as how their services are being utilized. For example, evaluating how much video a regular customer of telecom accesses on routine basis provide organizations with a more clear picture of how it can leverage its assets in order to improve the delivery of such content. Given the point that information transfers suppliers have made a business out of data, it is not amazing that they anticipate putting resources into subjective information investigation programs. A late report, “Worldwide Big Data Analytics Market in Telecom Industry 2014-2018,” found that the telecom division’s utilization of information investigation instruments is relied upon to develop at a compound yearly development rate of 28.28 percent throughout the following four years (“How telecom companies are using big data analytics – Datawatch Corporation”, 2015).





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