#MeToo Movement: movement for mainly women (but men too) to report, prosecute, and stop unwanted sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape.

Stormy Daniels: Porn star who has gone public about her experiences with client Donald Trump.

Toxic masculinity: Men believing they have the right to use women any way they want. Also associated with excessive or criminal male violence of every sort.

Madonna/Whore complex: women are often labeled as either a “good girl” or a “slut.”

Misogyny: hatred and contempt for women.

Porn stars, prostitutes, strippers, and call girls: Should sex workers have the right to give or refuse consent in terms of what they are expected to do for money? Do they have the right to complain about and report sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape in the sex work industry? How does the stigma placed on sex workers affect how the above questions should be answered, in your opinion? Be sure and refer to information from the podcast in your answer. (listen to the whole thing…some of the best stuff is later in the podcast)


The podcast has pointed to the right issue. We hear a lot about the #MeToo movement in which people from different walks of lives, primarily the media industry are coming forward with their stories of how they were approached in inappropriate way by fellow make workers. I have been following #MeToo since its beginning but when I hear a female port start named Stormy Daniels accusing President Trump of sex relations and mistreatment, I thought this is not something that belongs to #MeToo because sex industry did not accumulate to an industry in my opinion. But as time went by, more porn starts came forwards, as referred to in the podcast with accusation of mistreatment on and off set in the porn industry, I started to realize that it is a profession that should be counted as one. There are hundreds of thousands people who earn their livings in this industry and placing a stigma on them to be any lesser people than us is not a healthy way to look at it. I believe that people in the sex industry deserve respect without any ifs and buts. They have the right to say no when they feel to. They must have access to legal help when they are assaulted and mistreated.