pseudocode or a flowchart for a program


Chapter 2: Create either pseudocode or a flowchart for a program that does the following:

  • a)      Prompt the user to enter a sales tax rate.
  • b)      Prompt the user to enter a price.
  • c)      Calculate and output the amount of tax for the item and the total price with tax.

 Chapter 3: Computer programs can contain structures within structures and stacked structures, creating very large programs. Computers also can perform millions of arithmetic calculations in an hour. How can we possibly know the results are correct?

Chapter 2: Flow Chart



Complex software program’s accuracy can be verified be the way of using a detailed and rigorous test plan which would include all possible scenarios which can take place while using the software program. Some of the possible scenarios may include test cases which include boundary value cases for different functions\procedures used in the program.

Unit testing frameworks can also be used to verify correctness of different functions in the software program and further more test scenarios can be created to perform detailed testing and verification.

Moreover, different automation testing tools can also be utilised for verifying the correctness of the software program.

Further software behaviour can be verified for correctness using logging useful data while the software is being used.