Identify Six supply chain strategies

Six supply chain strategies

  • Coca-Cola is the world-famous brand with its products present in every country on earth. one can find easily Coca-Cola products everywhere. the supply chain management of Coca-Cola are mainly focused on serving Coca-Cola products around the world every day.
  • According to the management the Coca-Cola company making sure that every one of its thirsty clients can gets the right product at the right time and in the right price range is Coca-Cola supply Chain main concern. (Lutter, 2013)
  • The main strategy of Coca-Cola supply chain management is to have every customer receive the excellent services from the system all around the globe. Coca-Cola has almost its 16-Mio retail outlets all around the world that sell its products and they have same practices, processes and abilities no matter where they are operated in the world. (Lutter, 2013)
  • Coca-Cola is a global company, they typically don’t ship their products more than a few hundred miles. the company uses an approach called customer driven supply chain by using the company production on locally according to the customer needs and the local tastes of the consumers in order to being responsive to the customers. (Lutter, 2013)
  • Segmentation is the variety of supply chain which is based on customer needs and the product attributes. Coca-Cola has modified its supply chain model in an efficient way to capture the market through the customer distribution channel or through third party distribution partners. (Lutter, 2013)
  • Coca-Cola establishes the world’s largest Lean six sigma supply chain operation to influence best operations, practices and processes. the main focus is to be local, responsive and market driven along with pull the Brand with innovation and technology. (Lutter, 2013)