How can mobilization influence the political parties ? In President George Washington’s farewell speech he warned against “shun partisans political” what do you think he meant by this ? Explain the two-party system in the United States.  Please provide examples to support your position.

Political parties play a key role by mobilizing people to contribute in the political process. This may be mainly imperative in new democracies, where party add-ons are weak and voter numbers is low. Parties in new democracies seem to be more likely to target voters than in old democracies. Their struggles lead them to be just as successful at inspiring political participation. Political gatherings and intrigue bunches regularly run crusades totally freely of applicants, and their endeavors can start well before and keep going long after a decision season. gatherings can advance majority rule government and encourage citizenship by accumulating and articulating the interests of residents and legislators; by sorting out coalitions of littler intrigue bunches; by helping with planning decisions; by organizing the authoritative procedure; lastly, by encouraging aggregate political activity. Political gatherings play focal, now and again dynamic, parts amid crusades, with gathering in-the-electorate, party-as-association, and gathering in-government all having a level of effect on both the applicants and people in general. President George Washington’s farewell speech he warned against “shun partisans political”, I think shun here is to avoid and partisans means the followers or supporters so he means that  avoid  become followers of political groups or parties instead of that unite as a single national family.

As we know America is having 2 party systems. Certain differences between the two parties are predetermined primarily by the fact that in the ranks of American big business, there are different groups with specific interests, with their ideas of the highest priorities of internal and foreign policy, the needs and methods of their implementation. Although these differences are not very significant  For example, since the 80s has become particularly evident influence in the Republican Party conservative, militant elements and their supporting military circles, ultra-right organizations. Expressing their will, the Republican administration was cutting social spending, increased military appropriations.

Two-party system is an important tool that allows you to manipulate the mass consciousness and political behavior of Americans. Election battles between the Democrats and Republicans are helping preserve the faith of the masses in the possibility and reality of a truly people’s will. This contributes to the style of campaigning, when candidates are touring in their constituencies, shake hands ordinary Americans, kiss their children … Election campaigns play an important role in the political life of the country.

Both parties are fighting each other in the elections jointly protect their monopoly position. For this purpose they used the Congress and state legislatures, establish profitable only for them the procedure for obtaining federal subsidies for election campaigns (they are available only to large parties, and the newly established is not able to count on them), and the procedure for registration of new parties, in accordance with the they must in every state to collect petitions dozens, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of signatures. Along with the likes of financial and organizational rules designed to prevent the new party in the elections, and the Democratic and Republican parties supporting them to the mainstream media systematically inspire voters that vote for a third party – then “lose their voice”, “throw it on wind “, as all the same to independent candidates have no chance to win. So try to prevent the emergence of new parties. And in general, these concerted efforts have so far proved successful.