Video Questions 1A

Watch “Graphic Organizers as a Learning Tool”


  1. Read the Focus Questions (below) in advance to help you catch key information.
  2. Take notes while watching.
  3. Summarize and answer the questions when you finish.


Take notes as you watch:

Visualization and comprehending new material has a proven link. We learn more in pictures. Children with reading and organizing languages can benefit from graphic readers. Graphic organizers design frameworks for these children. Children can then learn by visualizing information that otherwise is present in text form.











Summarize main ideas:

The main ideas of this video is to present the usefulness of the work graphic designers do in helping children with difficulties. These graphic organizers design material in visual ways so that those with learning difficulties can comprehend the material in a meaningful manner.





Focus Questions:

  1. What types of learners/people will benefit from the use of graphic organizers?

Kids who are struggling with language issues, students with special needs and struggling readers will benefit from the use of graphic organizers.


  1. How do graphic organizers help facilitate new material?

Graphic designers lay out templates or frameworks in which children can organize new information. The information is presented in the form of visuals instead or written material in words.


  1. In what three (3) ways do graphic organizers help the learning and thinking process?

They design frameworks that help children can deal with information in a systematic, organized, and connected way.


  1. The speaker mentions the phrase “large corpus of material the kids are trying to learn.” What does this phrase mean to you?

This means that the children have many things that are in written form that is present for them to learn.


Respond with your own thoughts, questions, connections, and conclusions:

The video provides an information to the work graphic designers do to help people with learning difficulties. In my opinion there could have been more information and practical examples present in the video to help viewers have a deeper understanding of the points that are made in the video. The video is brief and it could have been a bit descriptive in my opinion.