1. Do you believe that Barack Obama made a difference in the lives of Black people?

Yes I do believe that Obama made a difference in the lives of the Black People. The most important aspect of his presidency is to encourage the Black People to take active part in the American politics. This is a great sense of empowerment on the part of the Black People to be able to know that time has changed and American people are open to choose a person other than from the white majority to be their president. Apart from that, Obama is a great person to be modeled as an intelligent and wise Black Person by the Black People.

  1. What will be President Obama’s Legacy as the First Black President?

The legacy of Obama is that he will always be remembered to be a person with dignity. He never felt ashamed of his him being a Black Person and had always been open about the rights of the Black People. He would be remembered to be a Black President who served as a bridge between the Black minority and the White majority in the US.