Case Study: Texas Health Resource and Intel

  1. What are the two main meanings of corporate ethics in organizations today? What does each definition imply for IT practices? How does the economic environment effect this?

The meaning of corporate ethics can be derived at two levels. The first level is the minimum legal standards that are set to be followed by just any organization. The second level is the internal ethical standards that are derived within the organization. Each level definition is applicable to the IT practices as IT is just as integral part of an organization. The economic environment could sometimes have a negative impact on the ethics practiced by organizations.

  1. How does IT provide more opportunities for difficult ethic issues to arise? How does IT helps address those opportunities? Use examples from the case to justify your answer.

Because of the intangible nature of some IT products and services, it becomes even more difficult to follow ethical standards. Just like discussed in the case study, Intel has to focus on the breach of intellectual property issues which is very complex.

  1. Should organizations pursue high ethical standards regardless (or in spites of) their bottom-line impact? Or should they limit themselves to those scenarios where “good ethics make for good business”?

I think that organizations should pursue high ethical standards regardless of their bottom-line impact because ethical standards might not seem to benefit in the short run but in the long run, they have really great impacts.

General comments

All organizations ought to maintain the most astounding ethical standards inside and out conceivable, not with standing amid the season of economic troubles. This is just in light of the fact that any type of outrage will give the last hit to the as of now disintegrating business which is one of the viewpoints that most business neglects to note. In any case, continues happening that numerous organizations choose to forfeit ethical standards and trade it with expanded benefits. Specialists are viewed as numbers rather than as people, and rewards are just part among a hand few up the stepping stool rather than with the fundamental workforce behind the business’ economy. Intel’s IT approach is along these lines heading the correct way. It enables Intel to authorize their own ethical qualities through doing precisely the same with their set prerequisites with different sellers. The framework permits Intel along these lines to check for both, the others and also themselves, which as I would like to think is an extremely fruitful morals technique.