Customer Relationship Management

As a long-run strategy, will Goltz’s approach to superior customer service quality be successful?

In different businesses, the value and level of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has been taken differently. Goltz says that employees must wear a smile of good greetings for their customers always, the customers who have made a just purchase (Longenecker, pg. 367). It cannot be acceptable for any situation as he said that just being good to the customer is enough (Longenecker, pg. 391). The customer service and the approach of Goltz in interconnected. It is taken to be a one-sided strategic approach, and even for bringing customer loyalty, the expense can be taken at firing own employees.

It is adopted for short term goals, and it won’t be worked for long-term appreciations. The customers have to do less with it, while the employees are creating a huge impact on business. Employees must be loyal and dedicated if compared to customers. Goltz’ approach has to do nothing with the motivation of employees, but instead of that, they were punished badly for not doing well. Employees’ motivation has to do greatly in bringing extraordinary services for the organization. The affection of work for employees can be in danger of fainted and it is not approved to be a successful long-term strategy.

 Would you want to work for a company with such policies? What would be the pros and cons of working there?

I would not like to go for such company with such policies as it would not entertain me with a pro which is of learning and taking guidance and one of the cons will be there of losing the job easily.

What suggestions would have you for Goltz? Can you see any ways to improve his system?

I would like to suggest that there must be a balanced order between customers as well as employees. The employees must be trained and supported well so that they can bring desired results to target the customers. The HR department must be improved for this purpose.

 If you were advising Jay, what would you recommend?

My advice would be based on targeting customer behavior. For small businesses, such type of policies can bring great advantages. Each and everything must be framed into a documented process, and it must be processed regularly. It can be even in the form of a supreme selection of framing ideas.